Enjoy this list of people that I love to be around, some of them are musicians, some are photographers, some just exist.

I've been friends with Trevor for at least seven years (good god I feel old) and we've worked off and on for about five of those years and created some really interesting work. Interesting meaning sometimes vastly interesting work that I enjoy watching or listening to and sometimes we were very stoned and hopefully someone enjoys what we did. He takes beautiful photographs and is a fantastic cinematographer to work with, hire him for something. 

I write and make funny voices on this podcast but the site is really the baby of John Shields, a great friend that I met while working at a really boring job that happened to be the impetus for the two of us making each other laugh. If you're trying to put a face to John's voice he's the unimpressed roommate in this video. 

Amanda is one of the many people that I know mainly from the Internet. We were introduced via email by my friend Stephanie who I would consider a FOJ except that she doesn't have a website, what a ludite. Maybe I'll link to her reel. Yes. Ignore this sentence. Amanda wrote and directed (and I believe acted in) the short Love is Love in reaction to North Carolina passing a law banning same sex marriage. I wrote the music for that short. I expect great things from her soon. 

Stephanie is a FOJ from the way back, she new me when I wore baggy jeans and had mutton chops. Not only has she acquired some great jobs for me but she continues to be a stand up/go to bud. Stephanie is an experienced editor and another great photographer that I have the good fortune of knowing. Some day soon she's going to drop her hip hop album and change a small portion of the world. Give her money by the sack full.