Garth Brooks Eats Like a Dog

Have you ever discovered something so strange that you have to tell someone about it but don't actually know anyone would appreciate this knowledge? If so, then you know how I felt when I read this People Magazine article about Garth Brooks. The stand out piece of information here is that Garth Brooks eats like a dog. I don't know if he does this all the time, or when he's just trying to be VERY cool, but I love the way he describes what he does. 

I said, ‘Just take your fork in your right hand. Okay, we’re going to beat it against the table three times then I want you to throw your fork over your shoulder.’ I said, ‘It’s okay.’ Beat it, beat it, and they hurled those forks, I mean just threw ’em. ‘What do we do now?’ I said, ‘Now, you eat like a dog.’ ”

Now you eat like a dog.