Nat. Brut Issue 6, Inclusivity In Art, and Someone Might Be Living In My Walls

Nat. Brut issue 6 is ready to be sent to the presses, but they need some money before that happens. And you should give it to them. If you aren’t hip to Nat. Brut, they’re a bi-annual art and literature magazine that focuses on inclusivity in the art world. Which, after spending the last year working with writers, comedians, filmmakers, and blah blah blah, I think we need some fucking inclusivity.

I’m sure there’s someone out there making an argument against inclusivity, but they’re probably an asshole. The only reason to actively work against inclusivity is because of some deeply ingrained patriarchal nonsense that says women, people of color, and the entire LGTBQIA movement is lesser than because they’re not white men. As a white man working against inclusivity you’re probably (read: definitely) afraid of not being as good as some perceived watermark. That way of thinking is total garbage. There is no "good/not good" in art. You do whatever you do long enough until you’re confident in putting your work out into the world, and if it’s not universally accepted as the best art that ever arted, then you do more art. Or that’s how it should be.

At this moment in time, there’s either a systematic crushing of anything that’s not cis/het/cauc by the publishing world (which is probably not the case – because people are mostly very dumb, and that would require a lot of work), or there is isn’t enough support for “non-traditional” voices. Even as I typed “non-traditional” I couldn’t help but laughing. What a dumb thing to say. I wish I knew a more succinct way of writing “there isn’t enough support for women, people of color, and LGTBQIA’s in art” but I'm not a professor of linguistics or sociology. I’m a self-centered dummy.

Somehow, I veered very far away from my intended topic. Nat. Brut is trying to do something very big in a world that’s shrinking every day. By creating a space where everyone can have their voice heard, they’ve stumbled upon a subversive act. When Kayla (one of the bigwigs over at NAT. BRUT CORP) first emailed those of us involved with the magazine that she was going to cut out white guys all together from the submission process (this is not a quote btw, I’m refuse to dig through my email at 8:47am) I was initially disappointed that I’d no longer be able to have anything featured in the magazine again, but then I immediately remembered that I’m a straight white male and I have a 1,000% chance of being published somewhere else. Also, I’m involved with two art magazines that I deeply care about (one of them being NB) and it’s probably for the better that there’s not a Jacob Shelton piece in every issue of everything I’m involved with.

Through the new submission guidelines that Kayla, Axel, and Tyler set I was able to read fiction and poetry that I’d probably never have the chance to read anywhere else. Which is exactly why you need to give Nat. Brut your money. By featuring art and literature that wouldn’t normally have a chance to be published, they’re giving those artists a chance to be seen, thus be published, talked about, whatever, again. Those artists being published again brings people back to Nat. Brut and a mobius strip of putting good things out into the world is created. Hurray!

If you’re looking at the Nat. Brut Indie GoGo campaign and wondering how you, one drop of water with a minuscule checking account balance, in an ocean of snowflakes with possibly larger checking account balances can help with NB’s very large printing budget - just relax. No one is watching you through a two way mirror installed on your laptop. Give what you can and hope for the best. Unless you’re a millionaire investor who could take care of their entire budget and get a huge tax write-off, don’t worry about it. Although, personally, I feel like you should get a two year subscription, and then buy issue 5 separately. Then after that issue arrives in the mail you should immediately have my story framed. But that’s my opinion. However much you decide to give, do it now, and make it as much as you can. What were you going to do with your money anyway, spend it on in-app Angry Bird purchases? Be someone who nurtures art and not the self destructive tendencies of anthropomorphic birds with anger issues.

My apologies for any typos, grammatical errors, or off topic rambling. I started writing this blog at 8am~ and  I took multiple breaks to try to find the source of a weird sound that I was hearing. Specifically, somewhere in my neighborhood there’s a guy tapping on a piece of metal or something and saying “can you please help me” or “can you get me something” – it’s hard to tell what he’s actually saying. I’ve been watching a lot of movies lately where there’s a guy living in the walls of a house and from what I’ve learned; this is never a good thing. 

Once again, here's the link to Nat. Brut's Indie GoGo Campaign.