Minor Phrases/Television Woodshed/Staying Busy

In what may seem like an unnecessary update to my severely underblogged (not possible) website I would like to direct anyone reading this to both Television Woodshed and Minor Phrases. Both of the aforementioned web sites are places where I'm expressing myself in a variety of ways. At TVWS I'm being allowed to jabber on about programs like Gotham, The Flash, and Nashville (as well as a few one off things like the Saved By The Bell Lifetime Original Movie). At Minor Phrases I'm writing short stories about photographs that I find at flea markets and the like. Both bits of writing are serving the very necessary purpose of keeping my brain busy with jumbles of letters instead of harumphing about things I can't control.

Because I miss livejournal, I'm listening to Tweedy and before that I listened to the new Aphex Twin - both records are quite good.