Working With Nat. Brut

"I'd like to start a literary journal" is not a phrase that I've ever uttered aloud or in my head. It's probable that I've never even said it in a dream. Fortunately for hard work leery artists like myself, the sweethearts at Nat. Brut have decided to take their already stellar online literary journal and propel it to new heights by making the fifth issue a tangible piece of enduring art. 

It should go without saying that creating something as bold and interesting as the fifth issue of Nat. Brut is not cheap. I've never tried to print a booklet of any sort but having been a part of a few bands that have released physical albums (both with and without the help of a record label) I know that printing prices can be astronomical. To offset the cost of printing the Bruts are running a Kickstarter campaign that will hopefully fulfill their wildest dreams and leave everyone with a feeling of wonder and beauty. So go give to them, give to the arts and fill the emptiness that sits in your chest.