if you know how to catch a ride, you can go places

Tomorrow morning, afternoon, or evening I'll be leaving the comfort of home to travel the continental US with Krewella, an electronic dance group from Chicago that was kind enough to offer me a job (through a second party) selling merch and doing general music business work, as well as sleeping in a bus, and trying to eat the most healthy food that can be found at three in the morning while also satisfying any wild urges to try a regional fried food/cake of some kind. I'll be taking a lot of photographs (digital and analog) and posting them on this site as well as on my instagram, follow me if you'd like. I'll probably also write about what I've been eating (if it's particularly good) on http://tourfoodblog.tumblr.com   . I try to stay busy. Finally, I like to send post cards to friends new and old, if you'd like a hello from one of my travel destinations send me your address to jacobsmellton@gmail.com and I'll send you something cool.

Stay Cool.