Frustrated Incorporated

The music that you can download by clicking on the snuggly cat photograph wasn't supposed to be released until next week and instead of a quickly written blog post, a very small independent label that handles music in the style that I orbit was to type something up and send it out. I would probably just reblog their post. I don't know how that works. It doesn't really matter. Instead of that, I would rather put it up for free (or all of yr money if you're very wealthy) with my cat art and the mix that I like in lieu of something that I'm not 100% behind. I hate that this post sounds so cloak and dagger. You know when you make breakfast for someone and they say 'this is good but it could be so much better if you let me add some ingredients'? And you, being a mostly rational human being dealing with moderate to severe depression and probably a slight anger issue think 'No. Fuck you. I made this breakfast and we're eating it the way it was prepared or you can choke on it!' It's like that.