One Week of Secret Daft Punk Shows

Welcome back, SXSW is over and everyone can get back to work and eat tacos without standing in line forever! Hooray! During the festival I had an interesting conversation with a friend of mine about how so many people from the recording side of the music industry are beginning to get into the world of film. They seemed to feel that those of us that are making a move toward working production sound or post mixing (or art direction or whatever) were somehow jumping ship. I don’t think that my friend intended to throw shade at those of us who are trying to find work in an already crowded field but I got that feeling that they felt betrayed.  It would be nice if I had the opportunity to only work on the engineering projects that fall in the rubric of what I went to school for but it’s rare that anyone finds that kind of work. In fact, I know one person from the CVCC audio engineering program that is working at a studio. He’s probably one of the best engineers that I’ve ever met and I’m really happy for him. I’d like to think that I’ve had a less linear, yet just as enriching experience. I like that I can wear a lot of hats, even if they’re similar to the original hat that I bought (worst analogy ever).

Here’s a run down of what I worked on during SXSW:

I worked on the art department for a live episode of Comedy Bang Bang sponsored by You can watch the episode, featuring Michael Cera, Reggie Watts, and Tim and Eric here:

I caught my blood brothers in Diving playing in a parking lot outside of Buffalo Exchange; I’ll post those videos some time next week.

Later that week I filmed the Sound Dessert Showcase at the Austin Ale House. I had a blast hanging out with my buddy Bryan Taylor (who was photographing the event) and watching bands like My Gold Mask, Emperor X and Hunting Club party hard in the middle of the day. Those videos will be up soon on

Then I went up north to sound mix on an infomercial for the Tony Ngyuen Law Firm. The experience was completely new to me but I had a lot of fun working with Tom and Mike, my two new favorite dudes. On a side note, I finally got to shoot something on a GoPro and the shot looked good but I think if you’re not strapping one of those to an exploding shark riding a skateboard down the Statue Of Liberty you’re missing a trick.