Leftover Candy

Writing short Halloween poems may have been the one thing that got me through the parties I stumbled through last night. Here they are. Let's go buy a turkey.

Timothy unwrapped his "fun size" Snickers bar; full of rats, again. He could hear the Petersons cackling for the next six blocks.

In a fruitless attempt at a spooky holiday prank, Jerone slipped off of the stool and hung himself on his front porch. But he won first place in the “scariest front lawn contest” so it was worth it.

Pietro was once again stuck at home fending off trick or treaters, who were these children and why did they want his candy?

Ron was reincarnated as a jack-o-lantern, he came to life just as Alice, his ex girlfriend, began carving into his face. That is so Alice.

Reaching into the bucket marked “TAKE  A HANDFUL – PLEASE!” no one expected to pull out a fist full of human teeth.

Gurren wore a t-shirt that read “THIS IS MY COSTUME.” When Gurren removed the shirt at the end of the night, as did the skin from his torso.

"Now that the jocks are in on the Samhain ritual, Halloween blows." moonbeam kicked rocks down the sidewalk, mired in existential doubt.