A Halloween Poem

Madeline and Calvin sat quietly on
their sofa watching The Omen, supposedly a horror classic but
Calvin didn't think very much of it.
The pacing was all over the place and he found the concept of the antichrist to be dull.
"Why can't you just have a good time on our night off? I told you I would watch whatever you wanted, we could have watched Honey I Shrunk the Kids for all I care, I just wanted to spend the evening with you and now you've ruined it."
Madeline went to bed.
Calvin did the dishes and finished watching The Omen, it wasn't as slow as he originally thought, and that kid was kind of creepy.
He went in to the bedroom to apologize to Madeline but she was pretending to be asleep so he pretended to sleep next to her.
I suppose its worth mentioning that Madeline and Calvin are werewolves.