Love Is Love/Reblog From Amanda Deibert


I’m thinking about projects that I worked on/created this year. My absolute favorite thing that I made in 2012 is “Love is Love.”

I wrote it as a way to express my feelings about NC passing an incredibly hate filled law and it ended up teaching me a lot about how much love there is in the world. 

It was amazing to direct this alongside my best friend, Alex Cason and to work with all my amazing and talented friends who gave their time for it: Rebecca Wackler, Julian Romero..and Heather Horton who I actually had the pleasure of meeting because she agreed to play the main character. And new friends composer Jacob Shelton and Make Up artist Lexx.  So much talent, so much passion and I am so pleased with the outcome.

My absolute favorite moment: when a high school Gay Straight Alliance decided to use this video as their “ad” to help them gain more members.

My second favorite: when used it to help campaign for President Obama.

Yo. I got to e-meet and work with Amanda on this video last year and it's probably my favorite thing that I've had the pleasure to work on. Rather than write a ten minute ambient piece about pizza (truth) I was able to work on something that made someone say 

"I found this much more emotionally evocative than the original one. It's surprising because I thought it'd be easier to relate to the original "It's Time" video as a gay male. But then again, maybe not because love is indeed just love and the experience of sharing meaningful experiences with your significant other is universal."

How inspiring is that? And I just sat on my bed and played guitar and did stuff on my computer; Amanda, Alex, Stephanie, and the entire Cast and Crew did all of the heavy lifting. If I'm lucky I'll get to work on something as inspiring as Love is Love in 2013.