Science Fiction Picture Show

I've spent most of today mixing the Diving LP and it feels like I've been swimming in sound. For some reason my note taking application thinks that sound is misspelled. Or something. What does a blue line mean?

Earlier this week I acted with my cohost on It's Made of People, John Shields, in a short that was written and directed by Trevor Wiggins  to be included as one of the many fun and kind of weird bumpers of Fantastic Fest. We had a couple of shorts prepared but this was the least time consuming (if you can believe it) and the one that didn't require an A list actor for a five second gag. I've worked with Trevor on a few different projects and I write with John weekly and it's always a treat to get to make something with a couple of friends who share your sensibilities. We can have a great time and get work done, usually it's just one or the other.
I'll stop gushing and get to the important stuff. 

Trevor was shooting with a Canon 5D Mark ii and for audio we used a RODE shotgun mic plugged into a Zoom H4N that also had it's stereo microphones armed. I've been wanting to get one for some found sound recording but can't justify that use as reason for the purchase. They sound great though so if you feel like getting me something for my birthday or Christmas (same day) you know what I'm interested in. Trevor made the Box, and future helmets from an assortment of cardboard, paper machet, and spray paint. Also some plastic. 
If you're in Austin and happen to be attending Fantastic Fest and by happenstance see our bumper let me know what the response was, unless there was intense booing then keep it to yourself. I've included the short and some production shots below.