In Which I Have Issues With Recording Bass Guitar

I've been playing music in some form or fashion since I was eight years old. I've taken piano lessons, classical guitar lessons from a woman more tightly wound than a guitar string (thank you, thank you), electric guitar lessons from one of those guys who would ask you to bring in songs that you wanted to learn (I know a lot of Green Day), throughout high school I played in pop punk bands and did the karaoke machine recordings of every practice and finally broke down and asked the older punk guys to record our albums. We'd set up clunky Dell desktops in the snake/rat (depending on the season) infested shed behind my mom's house and get to work. After high school I went to school for audio engineering. I played bass in a latin jazz ensemble and watched my professor throw chairs and music stands across the room when the marimba players would play out of time (?), I took guitar classes from a teacher that preferred progressive jazz over aaaaaaanything that I thought was cool (the only middle ground that we could find was Radiohead and that was shaky at best), I recorded an alt country gem that was lost to the ages when a friend's foster sister borrowed the only copy of the CD and immediately lost it (sorry Chaney) and ended up meeting a lot of great people that taught me more and opened more doors than any of the professors that I had at my tenure of CVCC. Out of all of this experience I have never once been happy with the bass tone on any recording that I've ever been a part of. Never. Yesterday on my way to Jordan's parents house to record bass I was dreading the end of the night when we would listen back to our work and everyone would surely throw me from the second story window in our make shift recording space and that would be the end of this record. 
The end results were less disastrous. 

It's worth noting that we'd already tracked one bass guitar part by the time that we started setting up the microphones and that it sounds fine. The mix is kind of a mess right now but other than that it's good. The bass set up for the entire day was my Ibanzez 1902 bass (I think it's a 1902, I can't actually find a model that matches it online but for ease of mind let's call it a 1902) through a Standel Imperial, I'm not sure of the year it was produced. Later in the evening we changed to a Jazz bass, not important.

I close miked the Standel with an AKG D112 which has this weird stem where the XLR goes that seems to be designed by someone that hates me, but it worked and it sounds nice so I figured out how to place it where I wanted. I then set up the 214 (my new boyfriend apparently) as a room mic and we just tracked until we could track no more. There's one more song left for bass and everything sounds OK but I'm still wary about listening to the bass. One day I'll get over this 150 HZ hump.