New Episode of IMOP (it was written in a hot trailer)

The newest episode of It's Made of People has gone up on iTunes and all of the other places on the internet that you can get podcasts. Working on IMOP is always an interesting experience and usually fun. The part where John and I get to ham around on microphones and make each other laugh is fun but when the end of the month is growing larger on the horizon and nothing has been written is when the 'usually' part gets thrown out the window and I start talking in pseudo English voices to myself trying to work out a character. 

When we record the set up is always pretty simple. John talks through an SM57 and I swap out between my favorite no name microphone or whatever I'm renting for the month. I used the 214 on this recording. Since the 214 is a lot cleaner and picks up about a gallon more of sound than my no name microphone I had to ride the gain for most of the session but I like the way it sounds, even if I peak a little bit throughout the hour.  I think that the extra clarity helped to bring out all of the stray syllables in my Celeb Man Juice character. We should really get some female voice actors in our group. 

If you give the podcast a listen I hope you enjoy it, leave a comment or something nice like that.