new music by an old friend

I met Stephanie three years ago (maybe four? ugh.) when I still lived in the metroplex. I don’t remember the exact circumstances but an old roommate invited me to tag along to a very cool bar* while they talked shop. I think they were hanging out because their respective bands were going to play a show or something. He was in kind of a U2 rip off thing and she was doing this thing called Fall of Snow that was very cool but I think that she got thrown on a lot of bills with bands that sound like (insert band here). Whatever. We ended up playing a show together and she came out to see me knock out a weird set in a really smelly club in downtown Dallas but after that I think that she started diving head first into some film work (I think. I only keep up with people via tumblr and instagram so who knows?), I slept in a van for the next three years and I didn’t hear much from her by way of musical composition. All of that is a lead up to say that I’m emphatically pleased to know that Stephanie decided to sit down and start working on music again. She has the ability to write pop music that feels confident yet frail but never timid. Think The Cocteau Twins meets Frente! or The Cure circa Wish. Does that make sense outside of my head? Anyway, I’ve got to go arrange a bunch of cables that I found in a closet and get some CDs ready to mail. If you like the song that I reblogged open Spotify and search Fall of Snow. 

*It may have been a normal bar, but it was kind of a hall with a bar on the side and a patio and there was art on the walls. Thus it was cool.