Beverly Hills Cop

It's been a few weeks since my last update on The Thief short that I filmed with Trevor and John and I finally got a chance to do some foley work on a few of the sounds that were either muffled or not all that they could be. I popped over to Trevor's apartment earlier in the day and helped set up an AKG 214 and an MXL 991 (so much work!) that we ran into a Zoom H4n. The sounds that we needed to collect were rather ordinary and we probably could have just gotten them online if it weren't so fun to make the sounds ourselves. In order, we needed the sounds of books being stacked, a gun falling to the ground, records being pulled out of a shelf, records being stacked, a conversation through a thick wall, and shoes walking across a tile floor. Most of these we were able to recreate with myself performing the operations on the floor while Trevor gave me directions. 

When going about work in this fashion you  have to think about what the sounds you're looking to achieve will sound like before you make them, sometimes a gun falling on a floor doesn't sound like a gun falling on a floor. In this case we were lucky in while a gun falling on a floor sounds nothing like a gun falling on a floor, a gun falling on a rather thick book does. The same could be said for footsteps across a tile floor, I tried for a good five minutes to recreate the sound of walking by mimicking my footsteps in the film to no avail and we ended up finding the right sound by clapping the soles of the shoes together as if to say "good job on discerning what noise this is".

Every day that I work on something new in the spectrum of film I discover that nothing is as it seems and I become even more intrigued with the sounds that I hear in my day to day life. Have a great week, I'm out the door with my ears open.