interior dialogue

Yesterday I sold a song to a company that I have sold six other times in the past four months. I'm not in an existential tailspin over making money ( a very small amount of money in the grand scheme of things) off of a song that I wrote while sleeping on a friend's couch three years ago in order to fill out the time on a cassette that would only see a limited run in Australia, rather I don't know how to keep the momentum of this style of songwriting from disappearing. The dissipation of my artistic capability isn't something that I fear, I believe that artists are in a state of constant flux. Stylistically we change with every  intersection met and can't help transforming over long periods of time. My reticence is that I don't know how to do what I did before. Was I able to record a song in 2009 with an aloofness that I've lost somewhere in the last three years or am I over thinking a simple fluke? Last night I stayed up until around one am working on a new song written in the number in question's style and when I was finished the track felt empty, devoid of any meaning other than a personal pissing contest. I've listened back with the ears of someone who isn't fighting sleep and beating themselves up for not being able to  write a song that encapsulates the necessity of synergy in the modern office and I think there's something there but I don't know if I'll be able to cast a second spell of repetitious electronic majesty.